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Sniper Assault : Kill Mission

Developer: Donkey Team

Many city in the world are under a major threat of terrorists and Its the time of you to clear the terrorist thread. In the role of a sniper you start an assault from an old city. Because you still a Private so you don't have much weapon to equip, you can equip them through out many successful mission. The enemy get tougher when you moving to higher mission. Focus on target to get through hard mission, you will get promote when you are back. Bring honor back to your country, strike hard, bring bullet to the battlefield, kill the terrorist. A sniper need focus, so do you. Don't afraid, pick up your gun and start your assault. Shoot more an get more experience, get promote to higher rank. Save people around the world, nothing gon'na stop you now. Be come a great Sniper. Become a hero in SNIPER ASSAULT KILL MISSION.***** SNIPER ASSAULT KILL MISSION GAMEPLAY ******Each level will have it own requirement to get pass. Click the mission on the map and see it description. The game have many play mode, like rescue hostage, defuse the bomb and clear the map. Try to complete the mission before you get killed. Each weapon has it own damage and recoil. Choose your gun wisely. The game have many item to support you in the battlefield, each mission give you some fund to purchase new item. Don't spam your bullet to much because it cost money.
***** GAME FEATURES *****- SNIPER ASSAULT : KILL MISSION has many play mode.- Various guns and support item.- Really nice graphic, looks real.- Experience the fell of a sniper.- Extreme sound effect.- Smooth and easy control with switchable hand.
**** CONTROLS ****- Touch the screen and move your finger to aim- Touch the skull button to shoot- Touch the grenade icon to throw grenade- Touch reload icon to reload.- To rescue the hostage, rotate the dot 1 round and release it same as start position- To defuse the bomb, repeat the number on screen and press enter.